Monday, September 20, 2010

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Wow did I fall off the blogging wagon! I admit it, I’ve missed blogging, and frankly I think keeping a blog is a major way to get exposure for my work. While I have been missing off the blog front, I have been extremely busy on the sewing front. I’ve been working on several projects, and purchased an add spot on Etsy for the 25th, so I wanted to get some good items up. I have so many sides of me its hard to narrow it down, I have my fun hippie simple side, but I also love business attire, and formal wear! What do work on!? So I’ve dabbled a little in different areas. Here is what I’ve done more recently, along with 4 other dresses that I will get pictures up of as soon as I can hook up with my favorite model again! (Thank you again Michelle for showing off my clothes for everyone)

This first dress is a re-fashion, and while it isn’t “my style” per-se I wanted to show what something can change into. Unfortunately I totally forgot to take a picture of the “before” but here is the “after”...

What I did to it: made a square neckline into a scoop, did little gathers on the straps to add some detail, made fabric flowers with faux pearl centers out of the ties that used to be on the dress, made a high slit on the side to add a little sex appeal, took the extra fabric in the back and made pleats along the deep V and added a zipper. Lots of little things to make a quite different looking dress.

The second outfit is a Tunic that I bought and loved for some reason, but it was very poor fitting and didn’t give any shape definition, so I added shirring under the bust to provide better shape. I love it best with jeans, but could be worn with leggings as a mini dress.

The third is an original, I like the fun breezy feel of the linen look material. I feel like dresses in this type of style can look good on anyone, it has a waistline similar to an empire, but without the exact same feel. Plus I love having dresses and tops that I can just pull on and don’t have a zipper or anything, I LOVE SHIRRING! The best skill I have learned by far. (well except sewing in general)

Lastly is my take on an Oregon Evening gown, I feel like this dress is straight out of Eugene. It is sexy, but has that Saturday market feel of a  print on the skirt. The fabric is high quality organza though, and so much fun. Lined with the same silky satin that makes up the bodice. I love the low back as well, and I feel like it has coverage in the right areas but also has a sexy silhouette. I love a great maxi dress.

Like I said I have four other dresses I’ve made, a fun yellow shirred waist dress, a black on black striped dress with a fun zipper, a men’s shirt to dress re-fashion and a copy of a dress my friend wanted re-made that turned out great. So check back soon!

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