Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gearing up for Christmas!

Now that Halloween is over as much as I want to rest it is time to start getting ready for Christmas! I love giving handmade gifts to people, in fact 4 years ago I had decided that I would no longer buy gifts for people at Christmas and I would only give them something that I had made. As my children get older I plan on including them in this more and more. Here are some teasers of some stuff I will be making for my loved ones this year...I've included links with the ideas that i have stolen from other people :)

Don't you just love these candles? I would like to make them in several different colors, can't wait to try them.

Chalkboard bottomed wine glasses...I think YES! so much cuter than wine charms

I really want to make some fun aprons for people...maybe even myself

and what better to go with awesomely unique aprons but equally as awesome kitchen towels

Originally these ornaments are filled with a cut up wedding invitation to give for a couples' first wedding, I would like to fill them with prayers and verses for families.

The more I see these the more I am in love with them...this isn't exactly a gift idea but I will most definitely be making one of these for myself

Also, if you are in the Portland area and need ideas on what to make or how you can have a more DIY holiday you should come to Imago Dei's DIY fair on November 19

Anyone have any awesome homemade gift ideas for this year? What are you making?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I fell off the sewing bandwagon...But Halloween came and I began again

It has been absolutely way too long since I've blogged about anything, let alone sewing. And to be honest that is because I had kind of stopped sewing for a while. It may have been the fact that I started Grad school, or I just got tired of it for a while. In the past year I have continued in my sewing, but at a much slower pace and with less frequency. I made a few bridesmaids dresses...
These were for the Canfield-Swartout wedding :) 
I also went a little crazy making dresses to wear during my vacation in Las Vegas...
I made the purple and the green dresses for my vegas trip... I made some other stuff too but apparently didn't get very good pictures of anything else ;)

Lastly...after sewing for my Vegas trip, which was the first week in October, I embarked on Halloween sewing! I made 9 full costumes and helped a couple other people put together theirs. So here they are...This is very picture heavy....but if you really want to see all the costumes I made this year now is your chance :) 
 I am so pleased with how this Juliet angel dress turned out...thank you so much to Alyssa for sending me some photos! She looks so great :)

This is the lovely Jill wearing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer costume I created, this is based off the original 1990's movie, I also made two of these for customers on Etsy. 

 Now for the costumes I made for my friends, my kids, and myself:
Miss Sarah in her Princess Peach costume that I created, with her husband Brian aka. "Mario"
I made the Pirate costume, worn by Rylie, and my Wonder Woman costume (we are here with Adele who was Adele)

My 2 year old Daughter Peyton in her Rainbow Brite Costume
My 3 year old son Kaden as He-Man

Myself and my two awesome kids....We sort of had a theme going on
This is my friend Chelsea's baby Judah...I made him a ring masters jacket (which is hard to see) and the little top hat.
 So there it latest adventures in sewing...I'm making myself take a couple weeks off and then I will be starting on Christmas presents. Maybe even get some fun tutorials up. Only time will tell.