Thursday, September 30, 2010

We need more tutorials for boys clothes and stuff...

I have a two year old son,  and it has become apparent to me that he gets a little jealous and sad that I don't make things for him but his baby sister gets to try things on that come from mommy's sewing machine all the time. Soooo....I'm on the idea trail for things that I can make for Kaden. I made him a cape today, which of course has been done, but I'm going to do some fun freezer paper stencils. I also have two tutorials coming up, one for a messenger bag (for boys like mine who are with mommy all the time and want to cary a purse, but hey a "satchel" is so much more acceptable right? I mean Indiana Jones carries one:)) And an easy pullover sweat shirt out of fleece, hoping to have those up in the next few days.

--Also...I've got four orders to fulfil on etsy, three halloween costumes and one of my own designs! Busy, busy, busy, but I love it, I'm actually making money doing something I love. Its a great feeling

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