Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I fell off the sewing bandwagon...But Halloween came and I began again

It has been absolutely way too long since I've blogged about anything, let alone sewing. And to be honest that is because I had kind of stopped sewing for a while. It may have been the fact that I started Grad school, or I just got tired of it for a while. In the past year I have continued in my sewing, but at a much slower pace and with less frequency. I made a few bridesmaids dresses...
These were for the Canfield-Swartout wedding :) 
I also went a little crazy making dresses to wear during my vacation in Las Vegas...
I made the purple and the green dresses for my vegas trip... I made some other stuff too but apparently didn't get very good pictures of anything else ;)

Lastly...after sewing for my Vegas trip, which was the first week in October, I embarked on Halloween sewing! I made 9 full costumes and helped a couple other people put together theirs. So here they are...This is very picture heavy....but if you really want to see all the costumes I made this year now is your chance :) 
 I am so pleased with how this Juliet angel dress turned out...thank you so much to Alyssa for sending me some photos! She looks so great :)

This is the lovely Jill wearing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer costume I created, this is based off the original 1990's movie, I also made two of these for customers on Etsy. 

 Now for the costumes I made for my friends, my kids, and myself:
Miss Sarah in her Princess Peach costume that I created, with her husband Brian aka. "Mario"
I made the Pirate costume, worn by Rylie, and my Wonder Woman costume (we are here with Adele who was Adele)

My 2 year old Daughter Peyton in her Rainbow Brite Costume
My 3 year old son Kaden as He-Man

Myself and my two awesome kids....We sort of had a theme going on
This is my friend Chelsea's baby Judah...I made him a ring masters jacket (which is hard to see) and the little top hat.
 So there it is...my latest adventures in sewing...I'm making myself take a couple weeks off and then I will be starting on Christmas presents. Maybe even get some fun tutorials up. Only time will tell.

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